WORKSHOP with Sarah Braeckevelt

Mindfulness & ACT

WORKSHOP with Sarah Braeckevelt

Mindfulness & ACT

Date: 27th of August 2022

“Pain isn’t tragic, it’s magic. Suffering is tragic. Suffering arises when we avoid pain and therefore miss out on becoming.” - Glennon Doyle
We can’t prevent nor run away from pain, as it would be as running away from our own shadows. We can however become more skilled in dealing with pain, turning it into our biggest ally throughout our lives.

In this 5 hour workshop we’ll cover the basic principles of Mindfulness & ACT (Acceptance & Commitment therapy). ACT is a form of behavioral therapy that is quite interesting for the general public, as it presents a clear strategy in training our psychological flexibility. Meaning our ability to thrive when confronted with challenges, stress or emotional pain. We all, inherently, share this ability, yet it is often not activated because the basic principles were never shared with us in our basic education.

As a group we’ll walk through the 6 core-processes of ACT: contacting the present moment (aka mindfulness), contacting core-values, defusing unhelpful thoughts, accepting difficult feelings, getting to know our  ‘observing self’ & last but not least: undertaking dedicated action.

Location: Frihet i rörelses movement-studio at Viktoriagatan 10, Halmstad, Sweden.
Date: 27st of August 2021 

Time: 10:00 -16:00 with a 1h lunch break 

Limited spaces available
Price: 1195 SEK

Do you have any questions about the workshop? DM @about.todays.session or @frihetirorelse on Instagram.

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Sarah Braeckevelt

Psychologist & behavioral therapist

Sarah has been working as a psychologist & behavioral therapist for ten years. This last year she has been making the transition from talk-therapy to online Mindfulness & ACT-training. Noticing that most clients benefit hugely from integrating these key principles into their daily lives.