WORKSHOP with Joachim Hilderson

aka 'Jack Russo Method'

WORKSHOP with Joachim Hilderson

aka 'Jack Russo Method'

Date: 20-21th of August 2022

In this two day workshop we’ll dive into front splits, middle splits, bridge and compression exercises that Joachim uses for his clients. In addition to these, we'll look closer into certain areas, such as the shoulder and hip joint where Joachim provides powerful tools to progress from the foundational movements to positions that require extreme flexibility. The workshop covers exercise selection, progression lines, programming as well as the why’s behind it.

If you want to learn how to become flexible and build strong ranges of motion, this workshop is for you. This workshop will be held in English.

Location: Frihet i rörelses movement-studio at Viktoriagatan 10, Halmstad, Sweden.
Date: 20-21st of August 2021 

Time: 9-16 with a 1h lunch break 

Limited spaces available
Price: 3195 SEK

Do you have any questions about the workshop? DM @hildersonjoachim or @frihetirorelse on Instagram.

The checkout page is in swedish and it should be pretty straight forward, but if you have any trouble at all send an e-mail to: And we'll help you get sorted!

Joachim Hilderson

Mobility coach

Joachim - Also known as Jack - is a mobility coach. He works mostly online, but doesn’t shy away from giving workshops or PT’s. He prefers learning by way of practical, hands-on experience rather than getting his sauce from books. He’s a student of the game first and a teacher second. Joachim developed an interest in mobility training around the age of 30 and had an extensive background in bodybuilding before that. This start at a later age was quite the struggle for him, and still is, but that’s what makes him a good coach. He can relate to his student’s struggles, as not long ago their struggles were his struggles. Being fortunate enough to  have worked with a large number of students over the last years, and thus being exposed to people of all levels, body types and back grounds made him understand this mobility thing even better. Ever curious, he strives to never stop learning about this weird thing we call the body.